by Verra Cruz

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Karel J. van der Lelij
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Karel J. van der Lelij Good old festival-music. Didn't know they produced another record. Heard some music from this record and enjoyed.
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Originally released on 17th March 2008, Innocence was well received in the UK rock press and got a second release on 25th August 2008 into HMV and Zavvi UK stores. The band's second album features new bass player Henry Cross and was recorded between October and December 2007 with frontman Marc and drummer Jimmy producing. Behind the desk was mix engineer Sam Gibson (Pearl Jam/Delirious?).

The result was the band's hugest and most bluesey record to date which won praise from Classic Rock Magazine, "...with Innocence their second album, they once again prove themselves to be honest men with important things to say and big powerchords to say them with. For whether they are thrashing manically (Blind Man), locking themselves into a Hendrix groove (Freedom) or getting all weepy on Friend To You, Verra Cruz are always in control of their own metal destiny."

Rocksound Magazine had this to say: "Verra Cruz offer bleeding, grown up rock. Innocence is a bluesy cauldron of classic style numbers, laced with sexy lap steel riffs and ripe guitars."


released April 17, 2008

Produced by Verra Cruz
Additional Production by Sam Gibson
Recorded at Chapel Lane Studios & Street Studios, UK
Mixed by Sam Gibson at Chapel Lane, Hampton Bishop, UK
Mastered by Leon Zervos at Sterling Sound, NYC



all rights reserved


Verra Cruz UK

Hard-rocking bluesmen from the UK.

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Track Name: Not In The Fire
all those who believe rise up rise up
all those who feel the grief rise up rise up
all those who believe rise up rise up
all those who feel the grief rise up rise up
not in the fire not in the flame
not in the strong wind or hurricane
somewhere in the stillness a voice in the wilderness

not in the fire not in the flame
in halls of power or hurricanes

(C) Verra Cruz 2008
Track Name: Blind Man
blind man blind man get me out of the road take
me from the heavy load blind man like a beast released
take me from the heavy leash i'm a blind man
break me from the heavy load
a yeh woo
Track Name: Freedom
freedom freedom smells like greed i'm tired please
believe no hatred in my being but i'm wired for release
freedom like a dream softly sings to me
of falling behind the beat of dancing to appease
i lift my hands to the sky these burning questions why
the whole world full up on lies
the whole world aflame for freedom
in the blinking of an eye comes the turning of the tide like the
rising of the dawn the thief comes along
the world plays its game the thief knows your name
Track Name: Put The Weapon Down
oh brother put the weapon down
c'mon children make a joyful sound
oh sister put the plough to the ground
we're gonna tear down the devils sound
Track Name: Friend To You
you are the fire bright like the dawn
you give me strength pick me up when i fall
if it seems good let it come take it all and wash over me
wash over me and i'll be a friend to you
i'll lay you down with a soul pure of heart
resting ourselves beneath the spirit of love
we'll shine a light for the broken and lost
you'll be the only one you'll be the only one
and i'll be a friend to you if you'll be wholly true
i'll be yours alone
i see your eyes i see your smile
theres life in you
and i'll be a friend to you
i'm holding tight cause the world has died
there's life in you my heart is full i'm in love with
you there's life in you
Track Name: Innocence
come down throw your love around
here i'm found as we walk through shadow lands
stretch out your hands girl take these broken wings in a
world so full of pain you're giving everything
feels like innocence just like innocence rest your eyes
from punching holes into the night till the sky is
so full of holes the heavens shining bright beauty
kindness and love beauty kindness and love is all
that your taking i see kindness and love beauty

kindness and love is all that your making come down
we'll burn this world to the ground in a world so
full of shame thank heavens you're around
Track Name: Soul On Fire
soul on fire woke up praying with my soul on fire
orld gone crazy wrong desire with my soul on fire
tears of rage as the flames burned higher with my
soul on fire
Track Name: She Don't Want Him
she walks alone beneath the stars that call out her name
and thinks there must be more to love
than holding on for broken dreams
she forms the words inside her mind
says she'll be cruel to be kind
draws her pen just like a sword

she don't want him she don't need him
she wants something different than him

he walks alone at night
down darkened streets where ragged people go
he'd dreamed of love that stayed
not dependent upon the conscious flow
the words race round and round his brain
wonders if he'll love again
crunches a photo in his palm

he cries like a fool in a song
cause he can't find the will to carry on
the tears stream down his face like wine
he can't handle what's inside
swallows down the bitter cup

she's the fire that burns his soul
Track Name: How Long For This World
she calls in the road
wonders where the goodness goes
she's timeless like a rose
she glides she flows
she's a secret to be found
screaming out she makes no sound
and you may not listen to her now
but sooner or later she'll cut you down

how long for this world?

from a tiny seed she grows
shinier than silver and gold
so desperate to be known
she aches she groans
she's the whisper of the brave
song of songs and the love you made
and the voice that shakes the ground
screaming out she make no sound

how long for this world?
let the seeker find
Track Name: Grace
help me out i'm sinking it's a cold cold night
it's a bitter cup that i'm drinking down to the very last
help me find the door hold me when i'm feeling low
it's a long road when you're already crawling

all that she gives is her kindness to my loneliness
all that she takes is the bitterness of my regrets
her name is grace

help me out i'm blinking it's a black and grey world
like a drowning man i'm longing just
to get a breath of her
she helps me find the dawn
she holds me when i feel alone
she's a precious seed and
she's growing over me
Track Name: One
cut my hair today took off my clothes
jumped into the river so cold it made me shiver
did you ever love a woman so much it makes you weep
did you ever see the morning sun wake you from your sleep
and all of these feelings all of these longings
they bind us together they bind us together as one

if you cut yourself today i think you will bleed
tell me what colour tell me what creed
did you ever feel a small hand wrap around your finger
been touched by madness and the questions that linger
and all of these feelings all of these longings
they bind us together they bind us together as one

heaven arrives as the stars shine
see the full moon on every side
we are alive this is our time
you can see it look into my eyes
we are one